Water Pathways of the Karst Country

To the south-southwest of Ljubljana lies the province of Notranjska. What characterises Notranjska, apart from the abundant, verdant forest greenery (oh, and bears – except they’re brown and harder to find) covering the greater part of it, is that it is the place where rivers and water play games: now you see me, now you don’t.

It’s Karst country, and is described as being like a ginormous Swiss cheese. Full of holes. Above ground. Underground. At Planina and Cerknica their respective lakes fill whenever there has been a lot of rain. Like this summer. Cerknisko Jezero (Cerknica Lake) glistened in the sunlight (a rain-free day). Peaceful Still. Mirror-like. Reflective. Framed by trees and woodland. And a Marko Pogacnik installation.  http://www.markopogacnik.com/about.html

P1050980 P1050981 P1050991

A lone fisherman was drifting, silhouetted, somewhere in the vicinity of the “middle.” Wherever that is! Did he catch the trout I had for lunch? Cooked to perfection at a local gostilna. It is said that when the lake drains, the locals busy themselves scooping up fish by the barrow-ful. No prizes for guessing what’s for dinner each night in Cerknica and surrounding villages!

Valvasor, a pioneer of the study of the Karst lakes phenomena, described it this way: the lakes are fields sitting above collapsed caverns, full of sinkholes, potholes, siphons and underground tunnels. After continuing rain they gradually fill and the water finds a vertical pathway to the surface creating broad, shallow lakes.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Weikhard_von_Valvasor

So that’s disappearing lakes. Rakov Skocjan is the place to go and see a disappearing river phenomenon. It’s a 6km long gorge of hollows, caves, springs together with big and little natural bridges. Standing on one side of a bridge you can see a river resembling a still, calm pool. Walk across the bridge to the other side and the river transforms into a foaming, turbulent torrent of water sending shock waves through the gorge.

P1050962 P1050964 P1050969 P1050972

Then again, on another day, there may be nothing there at all. Just the rocks, trees, flowers, birds and insects, ferns, mosses and lichens. And a lot of water hiding.

P1050973 P1060003 P1060004 P1060005


2 thoughts on “Water Pathways of the Karst Country

  1. I love the shapes the lichen create. No pollution there. Have you seen any bears? How is the weather are you getting an Indian summer? Garden is picking uo now need to mow and weed of course I cant resist going to the garden centre for plants. I do a tour of my estate.. so I don’t miss anything. Wisteria budding. Whohoo… Enjoy Patricia


    1. Bears? Only in bronze, or painted on signs! I don’t know how I would react to a real life, real time bear. Probably would freeze. I have been in bear territory once this week and once last week. Up until this week there was rain every day. I wouldn’t call this week an Indian summer, but it has been very pleasant (until about an hour ago. Wind. Just for a change). Lovely to hear about your estate. I can picture it. Keep the news coming 🙂


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