Odprto kuhna

IMG_2070 IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077


Weaving a path through the Open Kitchen!

Restaurants, gostilnas, tourist farms, individual chefs, food and beverage vendors…a vast and varying range descend on Pogacarjev trg every Friday from March to October. Cheek by jowel they cook up a storm, and the bliss is in the tasting. Mind you, the aromas can be sensed  L-O-N-G before you reach the square which, incidentally, is right next to the covered market which is right next to the open market. All of which makes it a mighty big food affair. There’s plenty of seating: rows and rows of steps, tables and benches, and not a single reason not to enjoy it.

IMG_2079 IMG_2081 IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2084 IMG_2085 IMG_2088 IMG_2089 IMG_2091 IMG_2093 IMG_2095 IMG_2098 IMG_2099


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