Down Pannonian Paths

Within the regions of Slovenia there are a number of traditional house styles, mostly dictated by the materials available locally for building. In Prekmurje, the most north-easterly region  which borders Austria to the north/north-west, Hungary to the north-east/east, and Croatia to the south, the typical Pannonian house can be found. The Pannonian house takes its name from that of the region, known as the Pannonian Plain and sitting above what was formerly the Pannonian Sea. Clay was the predominant building material, and straw was used for the roofs.

Vino Erniša

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Vino Erniša is a tourist farm in the village of Suhi vrh. It consists of a guesthouse, vineyards, small winery and restaurant. Thirty years in the “making,” it has been established around a lovingly restored Pannonian house. Certainly the worthy recipient of a recent tourism award. From this year’s vintage, still in progress, I tasted Kerner, Muskat and Rose – each one a superbly crafted wine. I also spied some cabernet sauvignon hiding in a barrel. “What kind of oak?” I asked. “Slovenian”, said Jani with a twinkle in his eye, ” I made it myself.” I wasn’t prepared for that! Have I found a new source for oak barrels???

P1060425 P1060427 P1060428 P1060431

The Smit House

The Smit house is an example of a Lower Pannonian style, and is located in a folk museum at Rogatec. This one still boasts clay floors and has a centrally located black kitchen. It was one of last year’s discoveries.

P1040110 P1040119 P1040120 P1040122

Mlinar Homestead & Others

In Filovci at the ethnographic museum there are three examples of Pannonian houses. The Potter’s house and one other are rectangular in shape, and are situated next to a black pottery – another icon of the Prekmurje region. The third house is L-shaped. It consists of both home and farm shed. Again, a black kitchen is part of the structure, and the shed displays many artefacts from farming through the centuries.

P1010528 P1010530 P1010537 P1010543 P1010549 P1010552 P1010571 P1010574


And then there was the surprise discovery. In Tešanovci. Twelve brand new, authentically replicated Pannonian houses for holiday rental. Very close to the spa centre of Moravske Toplice (which boasts the only outdoor heated soccer field – no snow or ice on this one in the winter!!), wine cellars, restaurants, gostilnas and perfectly placed for cycling to all of the attractions the area boasts, from floating mills on the Mura River, to “spot the stork nests” to potteries and museums.

P1060440 P1060442



2 thoughts on “Down Pannonian Paths

  1. Very interesting and picturesque. I like the woven fences, the bread ovens and the table harp just like the harps in Barossa homes.


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