Places of the Soul

I am a single thread, a single thread being woven within a life-renewing and source-connected pattern. The pattern has neither size nor shape; nothing can be seen or visualised, or pre-determined. It can only be sensed and experienced. Within. In places that feed the soul through meditation, contemplation, reflection, silence and stillness, mindfulness,…according to the experience.

PENNABILLI, 19 October

Sanctuary of thoughts

“Seven mysterious stones, seven opaque mirrors for your mind, seven listeners waiting to hear your beautiful and your not-so-beautiful words.”

P1070457 P1070458 P1070459 P1070460

Path of Thoughts

“An old person was living alone in a desert village. I felt sorry for him. He shocked me. ‘Remember, loneliness keeps you company.'”

P1070461 P1070462 P1070463 P1070464

Cage of Flying Thoughts

P1070470 P1070492

Garden of Forgotten Fruit

P1070472 P1070479 P1070480 P1070481

The Refuge of Abandoned Madonnas

“Inspired by roadside shrines at country crossroads. Abandoned by people and time, they’ve flown from their niches and settled in a peaceful corner of the garden.”

P1070474 P1070475 P1070477 P1070491

Places of the Soul was conceptualised by Tonino Guerra – poet, writer, screenwriter.

La Campagna de Lhasa

Tibet welcomed Capuchin missionaries from Le Marche in the early 1700s. The first of these was Orazio, from Pennabilli. The Dalai Lama has made two visits to Pennebilli: in 1994 in honour of Orazio, and in 2005 he inaugurated the Bell of Lhasa.

P1070432 P1070441 P1070442 P1070444


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