Wanderings in Rimini

Shrouded in a pale grey veil. Colour and place come to life as the sun emerges victorious: blocks of glistening marble on the Roman bridge, painted houses squeezed tightly into narrow streets, bobbing yachts on the Marecchia, a still Adriatic stretching and merging with the horizon, the ‘wedding cake’ Grand Hotel,…

P1070498 P1070501 P1070504 P1070512 P1070514 P1070518 P1070521 P1070522 P1070523 P1070524

Roman remains…

P1070511 P1070531 P1070589 P1070593 P1070617

Yarn bombing…

P1070534 P1070535 P1070536 P1070539 P1070546 P1070547


P1070571 P1070572 P1070573 P1070575 P1070587 P1070619

Interesting places…

P1070559 P1070562 P1070567 P1070588 P1070616

Public spaces…

P1070580 P1070603 P1070605 P1070609


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